This book is intended to help the readers who have been asking me to give them advice in order to be free from some troubles of this world.

Since the people can not tell the truth and since Money, lack of sense, enemies and bad friends kill a man, it is wise to know how to live and know yourself.

Many people have been asking to know why some people are rich while others are poor.

If you want to get money and know how to save it, buy a copy of this book. It will help you.

From No Money, Much Expenses, Enemies and Bad Friends Kill A Man (The Way to Avoid Poverty) by
R. Okonkwo. Onitsha: J.C. Brothers Bookshop, New Era Printers, [1965?].


Saturday Night Disappointment.

A flip book in more ways than one.  Less “Uncooked” than Mad hard-boiling Negritude Noir from the Master Miller O. Albert.  A Mighty Abyss of Love Making.  Boom Akalakalaka! To enlarge click on the small screen on the left.

Catherine Onyemelukwe & Kurt Thometz on Onitsha

Catherine Onyemelukwe’s memoir Nigeria Revisited: My Life and Loves Abroad is newly published by Peace Corps Writers came around yesterday to have a palaver. “The book tells the remarkable journey of a Midwestern American white woman who joined the newly formed Peace Corps to teach in Nigeria for two years – and stayed for more […]

Life Turns Man Up and Down from Kurt Thometz on Vimeo.

Life Turns Man Up and Down (long)

The Onitsha Market Literature collection from which Life Turns Man Up and Down: Highlife, Useful Advice and Mad English is drawn from.

On the Origin & Importance of Small & Fugitive Pieces

The Black World Today Harlem, New York I’ve recently read, with great interest, that the African American Literature section of the Borders Books store at the Stonecrest mall in Lithonia, Ga, is suffering a pestilence of “pornography for black women.” The earnest author, most recently of A Love Story, Nick Chiles reports to the New York Times: […]

Dangerous Man vs. Princess

 Dangerous Man: A Report of Mr. Vagabond’s Saying and Activities, Who Broadcast to the Whole World That There Was No God, That It Was the Devil That Created The Earth, and Who Eventually Died an Active Preacher of God. A.K.A. Dangerous Man Vs. Princess. By The Master of Life (Money Master): Okenwa Olisah Onitsha: New […]

On Life Turns Man Up & Down

High Life, Useful Advice & Mad English by Kurt Thometz NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT but fools do not know.  What was up is down.  September 11th, 2001, was also the publication date of Life Turns Man Up and Down, a selection from Eastern Nigeria’s Onitsha Market literature.  That morning, my intention was to walk over […]


MARY SAYS TO ROSE: This booklet is very good for married and unmarried women and also for bachelors.       From The Game of Love. by J. Abiakam, pseud. This is a book, written for the enjoyment of Africans and all other people, who are interested in African affairs. It is something that will doubtlessly […]